Partnering, networking and collaboration are an essential part of our activities. We believe that one plus one is much more than two. LKB/G highly welcomes cooperation with partners all around the globe. We truly believe in cooperation and teams and would be thrilled to exchange different perspectives and ideas.

Developing links with like-minded international organisations, foundations, institutions and funders is part of our agenda.

Gallery cooperations:
Everard Read CIRCA (Johannesburg/Cape Town/London, South Africa)
Kalashnikovv Gallery (Johannesburg/Berlin, South Africa)
Smith (Cape Town, South Africa)
WHATIFTHEWORLD (Cape Town, South Africa)

We will do our utmost to create highly solution-orientated, innovative, flexible, creative and last but not least fun creating solutions. Entering or diversifying into new areas is a passion of us. LKB/G would love to get in contact with you if you share the same passion in what you do as we do.

Online art platforms:
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